How not to get shot by a nut with a gun, first be considerate of others

guns in florida
Nuts own guns, Nuts kill People for reasons and sometimes no reason at all.

You might have heard of the nut case that pulled out a gun and shot another Man for texting in a Movie theater near Tampa, Fl (Wesley Chapel). The gunman asked the texting man to stop texting but He wouldn’t, the gunman then went to the management for help but didn’t get any. He returned to the area where They were both seated and an argument broke out, the victim threw popcorn at the gunman and the suspect then pulled out the gun and shot Him and His wife. The Man was dead at the scene and the Wife suffered minor injuries.

How not to get shot? Do not use Your phone in the movie theater, just walk a few steps to the lobby.
Do not use Your phone in any restaurant, walk outside even if its fast food, nobody wants to hear Your conversation and doing so tells Everyone in the restaurant that You think You are more important than they are and one of those People might be a nut with a gun. Do not use Your phone in the gym, You are not more important than the others and People that exercise also sometimes carry guns and at least one will have one in their car. The fact that People can legally have a gun in their car means they can go get that gun and when they return they might shoot more than just the inconsiderate phone user.

Other ways to not get shot in Everyday activities:
Do not tailgate in traffic, nothing You can do in a car can anger People more than tailgating.
Do not smoke in the presence of another Person, if Your smoke can possibly reach another Person, move until You are the only one risking Your life. Cigarette smokers are often the cause of escalated rage.

Live in an apartment complex or housing that is close to neighbors? Do not let Your dog disturb Your neighbors with barking or pooping on their space. Do not let Your tv, radio or Your arguments become loud enough to reach Your neighbors. These actions have gotten plenty of People shot.

Sporting events: Love Your team? Party with Your friends that love Your team but be respectful to the fans of other teams, some People take this maybe a lot more serious than You think. To some, it would be like a threat to their family. Gun Play has been involved with plenty of sports team interactions. Even in the workspace, keep the love of Your team under control.

The list goes on and on, the important thing is most of the time it has to do with being inconsiderate. The things that People do sometimes You would like to punch them in the face but You don’t. But there is another Person that decides that the Person deserves to be shot, forget about the punch. Shoot first, regret later, You voted for guns to be the right of Every citizen, now We have to watch out for these nuts. As long as People can have a gun near them, this will continue to happen.