How to avoid Uber Surge pricing

There have been a lot of tweets and post about surge pricing from Uber lately and get ready for many more. The Holiday season is here and Uber plans lots more surge pricing days. But most are 1.25-2x times normal so these fares will still be very cheap unless You are traveling a long way. The best way to avoid surge pricing is just DO NOT USE UBER during those times. As soon as You see on Your app that it is surge, call a cab but be sure the surge is more than 2x or the cab will still be more. The other way to avoid surge is to see where the surge is in effect and get out of that area and end the trip. If Your trip is very short it will not work and the surge will cost You maybe 8 dollars or even 12 dollars instead of 5, so what? it is still cheaper than a cab but if You are traveling more than a few miles it could be very expensive, in this case take two trips instead of one. The first trip will be just to get you outside the surge area, which should be a mile or two at the most. End the trip just outside of the surge area. Tell Your Uber driver that You are going to XXX but You want to end Your trip right outside the surge area and restart it with normal pricing. You can inform Your uber driver that You will request a new uber ride at that point and if he wants to continue the trip he can answer the call and take You the rest of the way, if he doesn’t, You can get out of the car and wait for the new uber driver. 99 percent of the time the same driver will want to continue the trip and stay with you. Of Course, find out if Your driver is going to want to continue before You pick the place to end your first tip. If He is going to continue, You only have to pull over and park for a few minutes to stop the first trip and start the new one. If he doesn’t want to continue then it is important that You stop at a well populated, well lit area that you feel safe in while waiting for the next uber driver.