How To Drug And Rob People And Not Get Canceled | Ep. 680

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00:00 Opening
00:44 How To Drug And Rob People And Not Get Canceled
09:40 Dogs Don’t Belong In The White House
11:24 Columbia University Holding Segregated Graduation Ceremonies
13:56 When A Slogan Becomes Curriculum
20:09 The Mission Of The Army’s Chief Of Diversity
24:58 Sharon Osbourne Accused Of Racism
31:28 Marvel Announces A Gay Captain America Is On The Way
33:33 Reading The Comments
39:21 St. Patrick’s Day Appropriation Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as people are canceled for tweets and jokes and opinions, we’ll consider the major pop star who admitted publicly to drugging and robbing men, and yet has not been canceled for it. What does that tell us about cancel culture? Also Five Headlines including Columbia University working towards racial equality by holding segregated graduation ceremonies, Sharon Osbourne facing the repercussions of briefly disagreeing with the Left about something, and Marvel announcing their new gay Captain America. It’s historic! Finally in our Daily Cancellation, we’ll discuss the rampant cultural appropriation that is taking place today, on St. Patrick’s Day. 

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