How We can beat Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Immediately!

Twitter Facebook and YouTube have totally taken over with their liberal agenda and everyone thinks there’s nothing that can be done about it so they do nothing but sit on their hands but in fact, there is something we can do about it.

Recently Ron DeSantis from the great state of Florida passed a law through the Florida legislature allowing him to fine Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube every time they ban a political candidate.

But we can go much further much much further what about the person that has 25 followers? Why does that person not have rights just like the person that has 10 million followers? They can and the only way it can happen is to allow the states to regulate how social media is used in their state. Recently Nigeria banned Twitter because Twitter put out some negative press against their leader and Twitter of all people quoted the First Amendment and how Nigeria should exercise the First Amendment and allow all people freedom of speech. Twitter said this, the same app that bans people on a daily basis if they are conservative or if they just don’t agree with their views

We have to stop this and we can but it has to be state-by-state and I think Ron DeSantis is the first person that has the guts and the know-how to do it. So how do you do it? You do it with geofencing if you don’t know what geofencing is it was first invented in Las Vegas so that they could put legalize mobile betting (on your phone) they had to prove to the state of Nevada that they had the ability to stop you from gambling on their app if you were in a neighboring state such as California and let me tell you as a previous Las Vegas resident it works within three feet.

If a Governor wanted to shut down usage of Twitter, Facebook or Youtube in His state, he could if he was granted that power from his state government. Florida and Texas have that power right now.

All the power is with the states. Don’t think for a second that we are the United States, we are individual states. For example: We have a mayor of the 3rd largest city in America telling the press that she will not give them an interview unless they are black and NOTHING was done about it, that gives you an indication of the fact that we are not the United States. We are individuals all the way down to the cities. But we can stop this abuse all the way down to the local level, We have to put the control back to the local people, the federal government cannot or will not uphold the first amendment for its citizens. If Twitter is not good for a local city that city has the right to ban it or tax it and I promise you Twitter will respond by suddenly allowing everyone to have free speech because it will kill their bottom line.

Keep in mind that Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are public companies and their shareholders want to make as much profit as possible if they were to get shut down by Ron DeSantis in the third-largest state in the United States they would lose millions of dollars in minutes and they would certainly want to negotiate immediately. It would be almost as powerful as ransomware but this wouldn’t be blackmail this would be justice. Every person regardless if they are Republican or Democrat has a right to speak their mind and as long as someone is not threatening violence or threatening anyone or anything they cannot be banned, they cannot be shut down, this is what the United States is all about, free speech.

More than likely the only ones immediately that would have the guts to go against social media in this way would be Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott from the great state of Florida and the great state of Texas respectively yes, some people would complain I don’t have my Twitter facebook, youtube. Well, guess who would be complaining the most? These three companies cannot do with being banned for even a minute by any state.

Social media is completely unfair to conservatives,. People from the liberal side are not getting banned, they can say anything they want, they can push disinformation and no one stops them. disinformation is coming from the left like crazy and nothing happens to them. Remember when they said hydroxychloroquine did not have any use for slowing down Covid? People have been banned from YouTube for showing proof that it does. How many lives were lost because Youtube banned those videos? What if it was wrong what if someone put a YouTube video out and it was wrong? Why are YouTube and their experts the final answer?