I am NOT Charlie!

Freedom of Speech is a great thing, isn’t it? Why is it so great? We cannot even tolerate the “N” word in America. We are up in arms when People speak poorly of our black President because they are only doing it because He is black?

So why is anyone supporting these French assholes that are making fun of the Prophet Muhammad? To millions of People The Prophet Muhammad is sent by God to bring the message. So this is funny? To make fun of something so important to 100’s of millions of People?

How about handicap Children? Children dying of cancer, isn’t their bald heads funny? How about a pile of dead puppies? It’s freedom of speech isn’t it?

Think of all the People’s lives that are put in jeopardy when one inconsiderate asshole wants to express His freedom of speech. What about the boy working on the printing press in the basement when the building gets blown up? How about the police that respond to the terrorist that are doing the bombing, do they deserve to die because You want to make fun of other People’s religion?