If You smoke, You suck!

If You smoke, You are in the single most hated group of People in the World, EVERYONE that does not smoke, hates You. You think they don’t? When You walk away, they say to each other, gross, He/She is disgusting, He/She smells like an ashtray, I think I am going to be sick. You drive around in Your car with the window cracked two inches because You have Your Children in the Car? Those Children should be taken from You, You are an abusive parent, no better than a parent that beats the living shit out of their kids.

Less than 15 percent of Americans smoke and yet, those few assholes ruin the air for 85 percent of innocent People, especially Children and pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers breathing Your second-hand smoke can give birth to Children with birth defects. Mostly this is the Girls that must work at their bar job all the way through their pregnancy. A totally innocent Mother has to breath Your smoke so She can afford to live.

Crack users, Cocaine users are much better than cigarette smokers. Crack users need crack so bad they do bad things but they are not killing innocent People by the millions and a coke whore never blew cocaine in my face the way You blow your smoke.

Pregnant Mothers could be harming their daughters’ fertility in years to come, study claims

Your family suffers because of Your habit, they put up with it but they are all so disgusted with You they cannot think straight. No One wants You at their party, You are going to bother Everyone there even though You are smoking outside. Outside is for fresh air and a lot of times parties in good weather are outside but here comes Mr smoker to ruin the outside for EVERYONE. You join a group at a restaurant and have to leave every 20 minutes to smoke, aren’t You ashamed?

Do You really think Your extended family does not know You smoke? They totally plan around You, because You are like a bomb that No One wants to be around. Well, Uncle Henry/cousin Amy is coming so We have to figure out some way to make sure He/She doesn’t sit on the good couch because He smells like an ashtray. Okay, I will get Uncle Henry out on the porch and Y’all get the good couch totally occupied and keep the plastic chair empty so He will think He is lucky to get it. We can take the plastic chair out tomorrow and spray it with the hose.

And by the Way, Your spouse/partner is also disgusted with you:

In anonymous surveys, both Sexes said that they prefer their partner did not smoke even though they did and said that if they left that partner they would quit to be with a nonsmoker. the same People said they felt disgusted smelling their partner’s smoke but did not  know if that smell was partly themselves. All smokers said that it was a turn off.  Bottom line is People that smoke are NASTY, even People that smoke say so.

Smoking and Mental ilness

According to The

National Alliance on Mental Illness

In America, 44.3% of all cigarettes are consumed by individuals who live with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. People with schizophrenia are three to four times as likely to smoke as the general population. Smoking is known to cause heart diseasestroke and lung disease, among other medical problems:


Do You think Your smoking is affecting the World?

A Cause of Deforestation. The cycle begins with tobacco farming, which promotes deforestation and desertification. … By eliminating so many trees—those great absorbers of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas—tobacco farming significantly contributes to global warming and climate change. More on how Your rude Habit is ruining the World, here……

The map below shows the ranking of each State for cost per Person that smokers incur.

Source: WalletHub

read more about the real cost of smoking here……

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy could be harming their daughters’ fertility in years to come, study claims