In the world of Uber, there is always news

Uber steals 40 researchers and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University. Uber had announced it was partners with Carnegie Mellon then turned around and stole employees. Word to these employees, make it work at Uber, No One will hire You if it doesn’t.

Many People that hate Uber, still use the service. As bad as People feel that Uber treats drivers, they are unwilling to make a stand. Even Journalist still use the service even though the industry hates Uber. It just goes to show You that if People can save money they will do so even if it is against their principals. Some even use the service but will not admit it to their friends.

New York’s finest is caught on Video verbally abusing an Uber drive. If not for a video recording this officer would have never been identified. The fact that He assumed that the driver was not born and raised in America is offensive.

Just when You think there isn’t anymore You can worry about, Now when Your Uber driver picks You up You have to worry that He will be back to rob You. This very smart burglar got a job with Uber just for that reason.

What is Uber Rush and example of how it works. You can see from this story that the Uber x driver was on the clock for 27 minutes and the uber charge was 11 dollars, 2.20 of that will go to Uber leaving the driver with 8.80 for 27 minutes work but it took some time to get to the first location and then to return to the next pick up location so You can estimate that it was 45 minutes for 8.80 plus His/Her/s gas and other car expenses. The fact that the Person that requested the Uber Rush would never lay eyes on the driver there was no tip given and Uber does not include a tipping function on their app. The Customer and Uber screwed the driver but drivers keep popping up. Most quit quickly but there are always new ones.

In the State of Connecticut the issue of background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers is brought up by Taxi and Limo services there. There is a good explanation of the differences here in this video.

Un-Women is backing away from a partnership with Uber. According to Forbes The group realized it’s mistake and have done a reversal. UN Women executive director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said they would not be working together anymore.

New York City to limit the number of Uber Cars. There are now more Uber cars than Yellow taxis. Meaning more pollution and more traffic.

Uber being sued over Driver information data breach. When You sign up as an Uber driver the last thing You think You need to worry about is the information that You provided Uber in order to get paid. But that information has indeed fallen into the wrong hands.

Uber could fall apart if just one ruling goes against them. The lawsuit has been brought by a group of Uber drivers and if decided against Uber, drivers could be classified as employees instead of contract workers. The contract workers for Uber now make less than minimum wage in many cases.

The list of things that could make Uber go away for good. It might not be a far fetched idea that Uber could fail. Or at least fade away to a small licencing company, selling apps to taxi companies around the world. Keep in mind that the reason for Uber’s success so far are it’s drivers and the drivers for the most part hate Uber.

Uber getting serious competition from International company, Gett in New York. Gett is offering flat fee reduced fares in the busy parts of the City.

Uber drivers are mad about Lyft being able to pick up at the Austin Airport. The airport told all ride share companies that they can pick up if they agree to pay 10 percent of the gross profit of the trip, Uber did not want to comply.

Busy Parents too busy to drive their own Children are taking chances with Uber to do it for them. Uber says it has a policy that does not allow riders under 18 without a parent but that policy seems to be broken often.

Congress is getting in on the background check issue for Lyft and Uber drivers. Congress wants all to make their background checks more thorough. As it is now most think that Lyft and Uber do not conduct the proper background checks.

Uber ignores Laws in Orlando, now in talks with Ft Lauderdale. It is business as usual in Orlando, City does nothing to make Uber comply.

Uber has been asked to leave many Cities in the World but Uber is actually the one threatening to leave San Antonio. In a strange twist, it is Uber that is leaving a City instead of being forced to leave.

Another rider attacked by Uber driver February, 2015 in Boston, leads to need for tougher laws. The hits keep coming. Uber stays in the media while taxi drivers are in the shadows.

Man tracks down female Uber driver in yet another loophole in Uber’s system. there are many security leaks in the Uber system.

Most Uber Drivers hate Uber, read why. When You ask Your Uber driver how He likes Uber, He/She lies and says how great it is.

How to be a better RIDER for Uber and Lyft. Do not forget that You are getting rated by the driver.

Las Vegas Cab drivers protest Uber  It seems that Las Vegas may not ever see Uber again.

Are Republicans pro Uber?  And Do We care? Should politicians choose sides in this Uber – Taxi battle?

How to beat Uber’s Surge pricing  Quit complaining about Uber surge and avoid it.

Lyft Accuses Former COO Of Stealing Confidential Documents Before Joining Uber This is kinda like two enemies fighting, Who will win, Who cares? just let them tear each other apart.

Uber is recruiting 50000 veterans as drivers. but seems as if it isn’t working. Not many ex military are taking the bait.