Increase funding for the Police

Defund the Police? No, increase funding for the Police makes more sense. The people that want to defund the Police are ones that have family members that are frequently breaking the law and they are tired of bailing them out. No upstanding American wants to lose the protection from the police, that would be total lunacy. Use more money for better training and more transparency. No officer should ever be by themselves on patrol, in fact, use the extra money to make sure they start to work in groups of four and at least one of those officers needs to be black. Training should make it so that even a first-day officer must stop another officer from implementing excessive force. Each officer must have a body cam that would give at least four vantage points to investigate and even more if they are traveling by car. The car should have a front and back camera running at all times. All communities should have cameras covering all busy areas of their City.

Cameras stop crime

It is a fact that cameras stop crime, it is a criminal’s biggest fear to be caught on camera. In Las Vegas during special events, Clark county uses portable camera trailers to monitor and record activity. Those should be permanent and should cover all the high crime areas. This cost can easily be offset by allowing local businesses to maintain the camera trailer, similar to how they clean a section of the highway. The business could have their advertising on the camera trailer.