Is the hard part over for Caitlyn Jenner, or just beginning?

The hard part should be behind Her, right? If You consider what most would think would be the hardest part is telling Your spouse and/or family members that You are more comfortable in the body of the opposite gender You were born in. That part was very difficult for Caitlyn but The Kardashian Klan was so accepting that it almost seemd easy. So it is all easy from here, right? Well, not so fast. Bruce Jenner is/was a member of a very exclusive golf club, so exclusive that it cost over 200,000 dollars just for the right to pay monthly fees. It was something He did every day and now that Bruce is gone and Caitlyn is here, what about the membership? What about playing golf, period? What will She wear on the golf course, who will She play with? Would She play with a group of Ladies or the same guys that Bruce played with? Where will Her locker be? In the Men’s or Women’s room, or will it be Her car?
What about Her driver’s license? Legal documents?
Common folks would even have to think about where would they use the restroom at Walmart, Costco, the mall or a restaurant. Maybe being a multi millionaire will make those choices easier, much easier than someone without millions going through the same.

To say Caitlyn is a brave Person is a huge understatement. Her braveness will be tested over and over the next year or more but there will be a day when it will be comfortable for Her.