Is Treon Harris Innocent of sexual assault?

You can do what Everyone else did and automatically assume that Treon Harris is guilty of sexual assault, but why? Because She said So? Who is She? We do not know much about Her but We know everything about Him. What We know about Him is He is good student and gifted football player who has never been in trouble before.
If You read the statement made by His lawyer You might see that more thought needs to be put into this. What most People will say is, well, it’s his lawyer saying these things, We do not know if they are true. When a lawyer says His client is not guilty or He believes in His client, You can surely doubt their truthfulness. But, one thing that You need to keep in mind about the statement that was made by Treon’s lawyer is that He mentioned a lot of facts and a lawyer will not lie about facts. A lawyer can lie for His client if He is giving an opinion because that opinion is just his view not a fact. In this case the lawyer mentioned text messages that he personally read that certainly shed a bad light on the accuser. The fact that there is a witness that had sex with this same Girl one hour before the alleged assault is cause for concern considering She continued sending Treon suggestive text messages up to the time of the alleged assault.
The facts that were mentioned in the statement by Treon’s lawyer absolutely must be fact or the lawyer would be disbarred and never practice law again, no lawyer would lie about text messages or other facts for any client.