It Is An Honor To Die In This Diverse And Equitable Plane Crash | Ep. 695

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00:00 Opening
02:09 It Is An Honor To Die In This Diverse And Equitable Plane Crash
14:42 Joe Biden Wants Georgia To “Stop It”
25:08 Fauci Puzzled By Declining Number Of CV Cases
28:47 Morgan Freeman Promotes The Vaccine
30:34 Caitlyn Jenner Considering Running For Governor
33:24 Disney’s CV Rules
35:03 Former CIA Director Believes In Aliens
39:18 Reading The Comments
45:13 Asa Hutchinson Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, United Airlines has decided to start hiring pilots based on diversity rather than merit. This is yet another conservative slippery slope argument come to life. Also Five Headlines including Joe Biden equivocating on whether companies should boycott Georgia over their voter ID law, Caitlyn Jenner considers a run for governor, and a former CIA director becomes the latest ex-government official to publicly entertain the idea that aliens may have already visited Earth. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about Tucker Carlson’s interview with the governor of Arkansas last night. He attempted to defend his position in favor of chemically castrating children and it did not go well. 

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