It’s on Us, what the hell does it mean?

What does this new movement mean? Like We would ever let Someone sexually assault another Person if We knew it was happening. Is This PSA really effective? If You see two drunk People at a party should You ask them their intentions for sex later? Can a Girl be the one that is guilty of it? Why not? Most of the sex is consensual then the very drunk girl wakes up and decides it wasn’t. So what about the male victim, what if He wakes up and remembers He has a wife or a girl friend and that consensual sex that was forced on Him by some random skank is something He wishes never happened. Girls are not the only victims all the time. Many People should not have sex but they do anyway. Let’s define rape and convict People that are guilty of it. Consensual sex is just that, consensual, both Men and Women can regret sex but that doesn’t make one Person guilty of rape.

So what is the PSA in this video telling us to do? Should We pull a Girl off a boy? Or is only when the boy is the aggressor? How about two gays? Should We call the police? Beat someone up? Take the pledge but find out what it means first.