Jade Elizabeth Roper from the Bachelor pulled a scam on viewers

Is She a wild mustang, like Her brother called Her or is She a porn star looking for more People to check out Her totally nude video on playboy so She can bank more money? Key question is Did the Bachelor producers know about this before they allowed a porn star on the show? And if they didn’t, why not? All they had to do was google Her name and bam, there she is porn star naked. Definitely not the direction the show should be going in, these kinds of girls are more fit for the Housewives series. It is clearly obvious that She is on the show so Everyone can look Her name up and see Her pictures. My bet is that She is going to try to get a sex tape deal the say that Farrah Abraham did. She would have to know that no Man like Chris would want to marry a porn star. Porn stars can marry porn stars but not Everyday People. Chris would have to run and hide if He was to be married to a porn star.

The picture of Her naked in the back of a convertible on Playboy is the soft side of Jade, but if You see the video it shows everything God gave Jade and more than anyone other than Her husband should see.