Jameis Winston will have to face a civil trial, what it will be like

jameis winston being sued for rape
Jameis will be the defendant in a sexual assault case
Jameis Winston will have to face a civil trial for what He said was consensual sex. What it will be like is probably something the plaintiff is not ready for. The Girl in this case will be referred to as the “plaintiff” and Jameis will be referred to as the “defendant”
The difference between a criminal and civil trail is vast.
The first and most important difference is a criminal trial is punishable by fines and jail terms and permanent records. A civil trail is monetary only, no criminal charges or jail terms are involved.

In a civil trial the instruction to the jury is NOT “beyond a reasonable doubt” like it is in a criminal case. It is much easier to get a guilty verdict in a civil trial than a criminal trial. Not only is the instruction to the jury different the idea of putting Someone in Jail or making them pay money is much different in the minds of Anyone. A possible mistake is taken much less seriously in a civil trial even though it should not be.
If a jury believes that the defendant is guilty in a civil trial, they can return a guilty verdict even if they have some doubt.

In this case, the defendant’s council will have no choice but to dig up every dirty deed involving the plaintiff and when I say every dirty deed, I mean even if She had a one night stand with Someone two years prior, they will find it. Everything that can be found to show that She is known to have sex without regard to circumstances, they will bring it up. She will have to undergo intense examination from multiple attorneys, Her friends will undergo the same. her Ex Boyfriends from years past will have to testify if the defendant’s council so sees fit.
Of course on the flip side the defendant must testify also, He may not refuse like He can in a criminal trail.

The State of Florida did not find enough evidence to make a conviction so no criminal charges were made. In light of that I would expect an intense defense of the charges in the civil case and will not be surprised if a huge counter suit is filed for slander and defamation of character.