Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t understand Hollywood pay scale

Jennifer Lawrence has started a “go girl” revolution among fellow female actresses for questioning Her pay in relation to Her Male co stars. Good Morning America sat around and nodded heads about it but as they did, You could tell they were not comfortable doing so. Why? Because all the GMA cast does not get the same pay for the same work, it’s called star power and You get what You are worth.

The comparison of Jennifer Lawrence to Bradly Cooper in American Hustle is laughable at best. First of all, Jennifer Lawrence might have had Her worst performance of Her very young career and going into that movie, Bradly Cooper was way more experienced and a much bigger name. Bradly Cooper was the star and Anyone could have played along side Him for the same box office draw. Jennifer Lawrence needs to be thankful for the very lucky success that She has had and when She has a good performance then maybe She can demand more money on the next film.

Every actor is paid differently according to their worth to the film, it doesn’t matter if they are male or female. Jennifer would get more than Pee Wee Herman or Weird Al Yankovic, but neither of them would complain, they would just be happy to be in the same movie. Jennifer should be happy to be in the same movie with Bradly Cooper even if She did it for free.

Jlaw, When You really think You are equal to Bradly Cooper and they ask You to do another movie together, call Bradly and tell Him, I will only do this movie with You if We get equal pay and We can use the same agent to make the deal. If Bradly agrees, You can split the agent’s fee and You will truly be equal. The pay would only be equal if the deal was made as a pair not separately. But then on the next movie, maybe You are the bigger star than the male, then what?