Jimbo Fisher now among highest paid Coaches in America

Jimbo Fisher is worth every penny of the 5.5 million He will receive each of the next 8 years but has this gotten out of control? Can smaller schools, one’s with much less money compete? Can You pay a coach one million dollars and compete? One million is no longer enough? The NCAA limits the number of scholarships each school can offer in order to keep Everyone equal. But how can Everyone be equal if one school can pay a coach 5.5 million per year and another school has a total budget of 1 million for all their coaches? And do not expect that Jimbo Fisher will really make 5.5 million, He will make much more because He will renew and renew as long as He keeps winning. Jimbo is third highest paid behind Alabama and Michigan State but watch for Michigan to pay more and Jimbo move to the number 4 spot.