Job Opening email scam, how it works

This is one of the most popular and successful scams and is making a comeback. It ask You if You want to do something very simple for good money. The reason this one works is that it is offering You something believable, much more so than the typical 20 million dollars that belongs to You scams. How does this one work? The scammers are taking advantage of the incompetence of the American banking system. This scammer sends You a group of fake checks, some might be American Express travelers checks, they look very real. You deposit them in your account and Your bank gives You a deposit slip and You think everything is great so You send the scammer the percentage that He asked for but You send Him very real checks. Then two weeks later Your bank contacts You and says the deposit You made has now been deducted from Your account because the checks were fake but it takes them two weeks to figure that out. Now the scammer has Your money but you have a empty bank account and not only did you send Him money You also bought Yourself a new tv.

below is actual copy of the scam email.

The sender is Lawrence Steidle
but the one you might get will be from another name, but You will likely never see the name.
I’m looking for reliable personal assistant online for Bill Collector
Service. This is a part time position, I’m offering $350 per rebate perineum
bill processed weekly.
I run a bill collection service as an independent
contractor and would like to expand so I can provide more effective services to
my clients. If interested, e-mail me back with your resume


Access to internet/phone and e-mail.

Outlined below is the Job

1. Receive Bill Paycheck via Courier services.
2. Have it
processed at your Bank.
3. Deduct your $350 payment on each processed bill
4. Make funds available to the each client’s according to my

Please, to facilitate the conclusion of this job offer if

Name :
Address :
Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Email address:

Please advise on the best time to contact you,because
there are some outstanding bills to be process.

Lawrence Stedle