Judge frees Man on Stand Your Ground Law in Sanford, Fl

stand your ground law in florida
John Wayne Rodgers was freed by Judge Galluzzo after nearly 2 years in jail
Judge John Galluzzo freed John Wayne Rodgers on the “Stand Your ground” law after Rodgers spent nearly 2 years locked up. What is amazing is that this was the very City of the George Zimmerman incident. Judges all over Florida are reluctant to rule on the stand Your ground clause, they would rather put the defendant’s fate in the hands of the jury. What amazes Me isn’t really the ruling as much as the process. Why is the process such that the defendant had to wait nearly 2 years to got to trial only to have the Judge stop the trail and free Him? Why didn’t the ruling take place the night after the incident? If the ruling was right or wrong it should not have cost the taxpayers 100’s of thousands of dollars to feed and protect this Person for two years and bring Him to trail.

Stand Your Ground got national attention in the George Zimmerman trail but, in fact, the lawyers did not use that law in their defense, they used self defense in the Trayvon Martin shooting.