Juno is likely to steal all drivers from Uber and Lyft

Unless Uber and Lyft wake up, they are likely to be a thing of the past. Juno with good backing is offering to only take 10 percent commission and allow drivers to earn the right to invest in the company. I have to say that I personally thought that Uber would offer shares to drivers but they never did, they have never put drivers in priority. While paying good salaries to hippies and lazy nerds for office work, drivers are not even making minimum wage in most markets. It is no secret that drivers hate Uber and Lyft but still work for them because of the flexibility of the job. Now Juno can offer the same thing and only take 10 percent. When Uber and Lyft were slashing prices they never gave up any commission to make up the driver’s losses and that was a real stinker for drivers. Being on the Driver’s side right out of the box, Juno will win the loyalty of the driver’s and even if Lyft and Uber follow suit the sting that they put on the drivers will likely be remembered and be too little too late.

Uber has some drivers that give up as much as 30 percent and when ask why they are doing that, Uber said, Because We can.

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