Justin Bieber a victim of Racial Profiling in Miami

justin front view mug shot
Justin is smiling when the cameras were present but cried like a baby in the holding cell
This could not have worked out better for Justin Bieber, He has been wanting to get some street cred by getting arrested and now He can not only earn that cred He can say that He experienced racial profiling. Of course everyone knows that every rapper arrested for anything says they were a victim of racial profiling and now Bieber knows their pain. He isn’t a rapper but He is a baller and now a group of Police officers that were the opposite of white targeted poor little bieber for BEING WHITE! When He was pulled over for racing, survellance cameras showed that He was going 27mph in a 30mph zone and when the not white officer walked up to His car He claimed to smell alcohol but Bieber proved to only have a trace of alcohol. Sounds just like what the rappers claim but only the officers were a different race.