Justin Bieber busted for DUI in Miami while drag racing

justin busted for DUI
2014 has been a rough time for Justin Bieber, first the egging of the neighbor’s house that is now escalated to a felony and now the DUI. Bieber was in Miami Beach for the last few days, partying in strip clubs. The underage singer was said to throw away 75,000 dollars in singles to the strippers in one of those clubs.

check out the mug shots

In the DUI incident, Bieber was drag racing ,He was pulled over by Miami Police and given a field sobriety test and failed it. It is unclear Who He was racing and Who won that race.

2014 has also brought on accusations that Bieber is abusing cough syrup and is being asked by His management team to go to rehab. After all if Beiber can’t make money, neither can they.

A radio station in Canada that has been known as Justin’s station has cut off the singer until He goes to rehab. The station said they are cutting off all information about Bieber and will not speak His name until He is in rehab.

On another note, TMZ has a show in the afternoon called TMZ live, but today it proved to not be live at all when they had no mention of the DUI arrest and were still stuck on the phone code of Bieber’s. GMA broke the Bieber story early in the morning Thursday, Jan 23 when Bieber was still in jail but TMZ only had it on their website not on their tv show.