Justin Bieber eggs neighbor’s house

Justin Bieber eggs neighbor’s house and TMZ got the video. How did they get the video is what I want to know. Probably from the angry neighbor. What is the problem between the neighbor and Bieber. The neighbor has a 13 year old daughter, the age that usually loves Bieber. Imagine that She goes to school and all Her friends want to know what its like living next door to Bieber. Does She play along or does She have to tell them that her father and Beibs have a problem and She is unable to even talk to Justin? What a waste for that poor Girl, She could be the most popular in school.
Would Justin really egg a house Himself? Wouldn’t He just tell one of the People that He pays to be His friend do it? He pays for all the parties, all the food, all the drink, all the toys, shouldn’t they do the egging?

Update to Justin Bieber egging neighbor’s house

According to TMZ the police have video and still photos to charge Bieber with a felony. It becomes a felony when there is more than 400 dollars damage and the homeowner is claiming the damage to be way over 10,000 dollars! Yes, I thought the same thing, How can egging a house cause so much damage? Well, never egg a very expensive house, seems that this house exterior is so special that the eggs have stained it and to fix it they must redo the stucco like material.
Is this what Bieber has been begging for? A felony? So He will win over a lot of the population that think of Him as a punk instead of a thug? So far peeing in a mop bucket and tagging walls and buildings has not changed the perception that most People have of Him being a punk.