Justin Bieber is justified in disrespecting douchebag lawyer

If You have ever been in a deposition about ANYTHING, divorce, civil issues or even a witness to something that required You to be required to undergo intense questioning by a douchebag lawyer, You will love this. Finally, Bieber is my hero. Seems like many People are hating on Him today but many also agree with Me. This asshole is asking Bieber things that have nothing to do with the issue and He is asking them only to get Bieber riled up so that He comes across as the bad guy.

This is similar to what these type of lawyers do all over America, this great Justice system We have allows this type of harassment. Even though the lawyer knows that His questions have nothing to do with the case He can ask questions about Selena Gomez, something He knows will get Bieber mad enough to hit Him, in fact I am sure that was His goal. Follow Justin Bieber on Twitter