Justin Bieber mug shot, exactly what He wanted

justin front view mug shot
Celebrities learned from Paris Hilton to smile on their mug shots
side view mug shot justin bieber
not so happy in the side view

If You are a celebrity looking for attention, nothing is better than a mug shot. Paris Hilton was the celebrity that had the first really good looking mug shot and since then many celebrities have asked to groom themselves prior to the shot and most police departments allow them to. But the one thing that Paris has said that helped Justin is be sure to smile because that mug shot will follow You the rest of Your life, why not make it a good one. Justin has been trying to be a bad boy for at least 2 years and just could not do it. From the looks of this mug shot, He thinks He is now a bad boy.

low speed racing
The yellow and red lambo were racing

Justin’s charges are for racing, DUI and resisting arrest without violence. That’s not very gangsta because the racing was in a neighborhood and He was going 55 mph, He was not considered violent because the little bit of resisting He did was not considered because He is 120 lbs and didn’t really hurt Anyone with all His might.
The is not the type of arrest that He wanted and He will understand that when He sobers up and sees what is being reported. DUI in a rented Lambo probably not all that cool to most of America.
justin bieber sentencing

The People in this video did not prepare for their mug shot, then again they probably were not allowed to since they are not celebrities.