Lets Build Walls and Bridges

The walls are meant to keep the bad guys out, obviously. I say obviously but there so many liberal dipshit’s that do not understand the concept. Let’s build bridges inside America to replace the decaying ones that We have in place now.

But for those of You that think the wall is a bad idea, please volunteer Your house for all the rapist and murderers that come across the border illegally. If You want to host these People please contact Crooked Hillary, let Her know You are with Her and will never ever lock Your door or Your gate again. You want Everyone in, right? Let them in Your house as they come across the border, they need a place to stay until they get their drug trade set up. They might use Your garage to store drugs and guns, but You don’t mind, You let Everyone in. Be a volunteer in Your City, on call to bail out every illegal immigrant that breaks the law. Keep in mind that it might be a rapist that raped someone in Your family or a close friend or maybe they murdered Your boss, no matter, You will do the right thing and stand by their side. You voted to let them in that means everything they do is on You, stand by them!

There are millions of fantastic People that come to America but they come LEGALLY, that is what makes them so fantastic. There is a reason that some People choose to come illegally. The only reason You would come to the United States illegally is because You do not pass the vetting process to get in.

Democrats have always preyed on simple minded People but this build bridges not walls is so stupid, surely even lifelong democrats can understand how stupid it is. The best are the Celebrity Democrats that say building a wall is raciest, these are the same People that live behind big iron gates and have security to keep People away from them. The only Hispanics they know are their house keeper and gardener. But they also have a black friend, the one in the 10 million dollar mansion next door and they even wave to Him daily. Let’s all have a party at Katy Perry’s house or maybe Ellen and Portia’s house, it’s open, right? Surely they keep their door open for all to enjoy the way they want our border to be. Everyone can bring one illegal immigrant and a box of wine, Anyone that doesn’t have a home can stay with them.

If You want to let the illegals in, they must have a place to stay. If You have three Children, You can get them to share a room, that will free up two rooms for at least 10 People. You are such a good Person, sleep well!