Local Virginia Man Speaks At School Board | Ep. 807

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00:00 – Opening
02:10 – Local Virginia Man Speaks At School Board
13:05 – Matt’s Family Finally Gets A Dog
15:10 – Tom Cotton Asks Gen. Milley Why He Hasn’t Resigned
17:21 – Kristi Noem Goes After The Media For Targeting Her Children
21:46 – Stephanie Grisham’s New Book “Tells All” About Trump Sexually Harassing Young Staffer
24:54 – Greta Thunberg Speaks At Climate Silence
27:08 – TikTok Teacher Reveals Racist Gift From School District
29:18 – Colbert Performs “Vax-Scene” Dance
33:41 – Amazon Reveals “Astro” The Robot
35:20 – Reading The Comments
40:41 – Will Smith Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we finally descended upon Loudoun County yesterday, my new home, to make our voices heard. Though the school board threw every possible roadblock in the way. But the Loudoun County situation is part of a larger and more important conversation about who, exactly, should be determining what our kids are taught in schools. The state, or the parents? Also, the chairman of the joint chiefs is asked why he won’t resign for his failures in Afghanistan. His answer is less than sufficient. Greta Thunberg babbles incoherently and receives raucous applause. A black teacher in California is not pleased with the special gift basket she’s given for being black. And Will Smith says that his open marriage with his wife is perfect, beautiful, and loving. Somehow I doubt that. 

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