Loophole for background checks puts Non Americans behind the wheel of Uber, Lyft and Taxis

Everyone is at risk when taking a taxi, Uber, Lyft or any transportation where someone is driving You that You do not personally know. This is because background checks are full of loopholes. Some do not check local records, some do not check national records, some do not check sex offender list. But what NONE check is what has happened to that driver before HE/SHE has arrived in America. Do You think that the Haitian driver that just picked You up has been adequately checked out? No background checks can find out what in the life of a Haitian before He/She came to America. If the background checks go back 7 years, shouldn’t the requirement be the driver must have 7 years of records? The way it is now is if there is no red flags during 7 years then the driver passes but a driver can arrive in America 3 weeks ago and have 3 weeks worth of tracking available but no red flags so no problem. The driver could have been arrested 100 times in another country but His background check only checks what happened to him in America.

So, if a driver is a U.S. Citizen there are plenty of ways to miss red flags but if the driver isn’t even a U.S. citizen there are many more ways to miss red flags.