Ludacris very ignorant about race

Ludacris, Ariana Grande is way more white than black, sorry buddy, She made anti-American comments in the past but She is definitely not black, can You see? Nick Jonas is also way more white than black, sorry buddy, Rihanna is not black either, She is Barbadian, are You going to claim Everyone that isn’t white in Your gang? Dark skin People from other Countries do not share Your raciest attitude toward white Americans, do not try to include them in Your hate.

It’s funny how You claim Ariana Grande in Your group but not George Zimmerman, George and Ariana are neither white or black, One is anti American and one is a killer but do not claim one unless You want them both.

Ludacris is a raciest but there is no uproar about it? Because White, Hispanics and Asians are sitting on Their couch just shaking their heads but not staging protest like blacks would if this was a white Person making these statements.

It is time to quit allowing raciest to host these award shows, grow some balls and stand up for Americans of every color. No white Person would make the statements Ludacris made without being out of work for the rest of their lives, it is time that black People play by the same rules.

Imagine if one White Person celebrated the White Musicians at an award show, what hell they would face.

I actually thought I liked Ludacris but now I know I do not. One thing all these raciest need to remember, who buys Your music? Not Your own People, it is young white People that buy all the music and keep You rolling in money.