Man Shot Dead in Wesley Chapel, Florida Theater for Texting

shooter in florida theater
Curtis Reeves is a retired Police Captain with the Tampa Police dept and now charged with 2nd degree murder

Man Shot Dead in Wesley Chapel, Florida Theater for Texting and possibly throwing popcorn at the suspect’s face. The City is near Tampa, Florida and is a very pieceful community that is in shock today.
The very popular Cobb theater was the site of the shooting.
Curtis Reeves, 71 is in custody and charged with 2nd degree homicide. He retired from the Tampa Police force in 1993 and was a security chief at Busch Gardens after that.

The shooting Monday during a 1:20 p.m. showing of “Lone Survivor” at a Wesley Chapel, Florida, movie theater escalated from an objection to texting, to heated arguments, to the victim, according to the suspect throwing popcorn, to the sudden and deadly shooting, according to police and witnesses.

The suspect claimed the victim (Chad Oulson) threw an object at His face. that object was likely the popcorn but the suspect called it an object. Reeves said He was in fear for His life. Sounds like another “STAND YOUR GROUND” case.

What do We have to do to enjoy a movie? Go through a metal detector? Have an armed officer in every theater, not just complex but every theater? So the tickets will cost 100 dollars each? And not that the victim deserved to be shot but when are People going to start using consideration with the use of their phones? Go to the lobby to use Your phone. There are plenty of People that have the beeping sound enabled on their phone as they text so that could be as bad as using the phone on a voice call.

credit orlando sentinel
This might be the future for movie goers