Matt Damon offended by Gay Rumors

The rumors about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck being gay lovers go way back but most People did not believe them. Those rumors go further back than the internet or else they would have really go further. Both Men are NOT gay, that’s for sure but neither can have that possible label not because either of them have anything against gays, it would be a career killer. A gay Man in Hollywood is limited to very few roles, once the public learns He is gay that actor can no longer play the part of a Ladies Man and most leading roles are for that.

It could be said that Matt Damon did way too good of a job playing Liberace’s gay lover, (played by Michael Douglas) in the HBO movie, Behind the Candelabra. In that movie Matt’s character engages in very hard core gay sex. His character was so believable it was hard to separate Him from that for a couple years.

Basically, Matt is being punished for being so good.