Matthew Mcconaughey Best Actor award is most deserving

Matthew Mcconaughey played perhaps His best role of His lifetime and one that will be remembered for decades to come. At the top of His game Matthew could easily have skipped this most difficult role for much easier roles, maybe even 3 movies for the effort of just this one. The Dallas Buyer’s Club was released November, 2013 but filming was over months before that and yet You could see that Matthew has still not come close to His weight prior to beginning His transformation in to the role of Ron Woodroof, an electrician and rodeo Cowboy. But that was not the hard part of the role, the Ron Woodroof character was diagnosed with H.I.V. and given 30 days to live. The weight loss for Matthew was difficult, more difficult than anything He had ever done. He did not need to take this role, He didn’t need the money, He didn’t need the fame. He took a very difficult role in a time He didn’t need to and He deserves more credit because of that.