Media Matters Doesn’t Like My Dating Advice | Ep. 881

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00:00 – Opening
01:56 – Media Matters Doesn’t Like My Dating Advice
11:05 – Woman Develops Pink Eye After Coming In Contact With Escaped Monkey
16:58 – Robert Kennedy Jr. Makes Comparison To Vaccination Passports To The Holocaust
27:56 – Neil Young Requests Spotify To Either Remove Him Or Remove Joe Rogan
29:44 – Kamala Harris Declares Who The Most Vulnerable Are
32:57 – Black Teachers Quit Their Profession Due To Being Overwhelmed
39:30 – The Comments Section
50:16 – Peter Dinklage Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Media Matters and some others on the Left were upset by my analysis of the modern dating scene. Apparently, I’m told, my point of view on the subject is old fashioned and reactionary. They’re not necessarily wrong about that. Also, a truck carrying infected monkeys from a lab escaped from their cages during a highway accident. Why are these labs allowed to dump pathogens all over the globe without any consequence? And Robert F Kennedy Jr made a holocaust analogy during his speech at the anti-mandate protest on Sunday. Yesterday his own wife came out and denounced him for it. Plus, Kamala Harris lists the most vulnerable victim groups in America. The list seems to have expanded to encompass every group except one. And Hollywood actor Peter Dinklage says that the dwarves in Snow White are offensive. The story only gets dumber from there. 

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