Michael Sam is first in the NFL to admit to being GAY

michael sam gay nfl player

Michael Sam is the NFL’s first gay Man, or should I say the first admitted gay man. Why is this so hard to admit? It’s 2014, 17 states allow gay marriage, surely there are 100 gay men playing in the NFL, why is Michael Sam the first to have the guts to admit it? Michael is a high draft prospect and wanted any team that might pick Him to know that He is gay. There are admitted gay players in the NBA and MLB but Michael Sam is the first to come out in the NFL. Maybe more will come out this year, someone has to be first.
This comes in a week of the Olympic controversy of Russia’s stance on Gay Lifestyle. Obama has gone on record to bash the stance that Russia takes with Gays but He cannot stop gay inequality in His own Country. What fools the USA must look like to be pro gay to the world but in fact only 17 states support gay marriage and just a few years ago only one or two did. Why not get Your Country in order before speaking against another?