MLB Clubhouse no place for Children

Adam LaRoche was bringing His 14 year old Son to the Clubhouse too frequently according to the ownership of the team. Adam wanted His Son there on a daily basis and quit when He was told to reduce the frequency of those visits. Be glad He is gone, if this is what makes Him quit, He wasn’t worth having in the first place. There was support for Adam from teammates but I would bet that Everyone of them was glad this was done, what if Everyone brought their kid to work with them EVERYDAY. The team could have family day and Players could eat hot dogs and ice cream maybe 3 times per year, but everyday is absurd. If this Kid wants to be like Daddy, why isn’t He with His own ball team? Can’t He put Him in the batting cage? How can the kid be a player if He is stuck to His Daddy’s side? How is He going to learn life if He only sees it through His Father’s eyes? This is absolute terrible parenting. Can You imagine the other players having to watch what they say in the locker room? The locker room is for cussing, talking about pussy, fighting and drinking, not for parenting.