Morality In A Post-Morality Culture | Ep. 683

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00:00 Opening
00:50 Morality In A Post-Morality Culture
13:41 Snyder Cut Has Been Released
15:36 Teen Vogue Staffer’s Racist Tweets Resurface
23:09 The Trip Heard Round The World
26:45 Trump Returning To Social Media Soon
30:21 Elon Musk/Bernie Sanders Tweets
32:59 Tik Tok Proves Cyclists Are Insane
37:36 Reading The Comments
43:16 The Dude On The Elevator Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, as law enforcement officials say there is no evidence of a racially motivated hate crime in the Atlanta mass shooting last week, the Left becomes increasingly desperate to connect the event to racism. But as always, in their rush to make everything about race, they miss what really motivated this shooting. And so there is an extremely important conversation we don’t end up having, but will have today. Also Five Headlines including the Cancel dominos continue to fall as another Teen Vogue employee has her own racist tweets from the past resurface. And a viral Tik Tok video proves again that all cyclists are psychopaths. Finally in our Daily Cancellation, I have to address the man who stormed off an elevator yesterday when I committed the sin of getting on the elevator without a mask.

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