More Whites are killed by police than blacks in America

More Whites are killed by police than blacks in America but You would never know it. Only the protest get attention and the protesters are black complaining about Blacks getting killed by Police officers but what they are really saying is White Police officers are killing blacks. Even as Whites join the protest the black protesters are still making this a racial issue not an authority issue. The whites joining the protest do not even know of any whites that are being killed, they only know about the blacks.

This could be blamed on the liberal media that is known for stirring up racial tensions for decades, without racial tensions their news would be even more boring. If You wonder why they would do this, just remember that when a news story makes You angry, You are more likely to talk, tweet and share that story, much more so than if it is good news. If You have a favorite sports team You will notice that You also have a hated news Person that always seems to talk bad about that team. It is the job of that sports writer to rile You up so You will mention His name and His newspaper, that’s how they become popular.

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