My proof that Below deck is fake

Below Deck is a reality show and Below Deck Mediterranian is a spin-off of the same. Both are great shows but both are very fake. I have been on a mega Yacht and the very first rule of thumb is there will always be a server in the presence of the Guest. On both Below Deck shows they show guest begging for service but No One is there and most likely the reason is one or more of the staff is smoking. In my experience, No Yacht owner would allow employees to smoke on the boat.  Maybe Guest could smoke but most likely even they cannot. Anyone with enough money to lease a mega Yacht is educated and has lots of money and that group of People does not smoke. The largest group of People that smoke is the Mentally Ill. I doubt that the mentally ill can rent a mega yacht.

I asked if the Guest on this show get the trip for free since they will not get good service, I was told no, but the guest does get their faces on TV. It is incredible that people are that motivated to be on TV to give up service.

You have to question how bad the service is, would that really happen without a reality show surrounding the boat? NO, most of them would be fired the first day.  I really do not think any of them could possibly be that sorry. NOT ONE could work at Waffle House.

The cast of Below Deck is picked as actors not as workers, proof of that is on the episode where one cast member is questioning the validity of another’s resume. If this was real life the boat owner or Captain would have already checked the resume.