Nancy Grace Blast Jared Fogle for getting beat up in prison

Jared Fogle got pushed down and punched in the face and now the attacker is in solitary awaiting punishment. It happened in the prison recreation Yard. The attacker posted on His facebook account that He was glad to be the one to do it. Nancy Grace thinks Jared should not be able to complain about His ass whipping.

Is Nancy Grace really that stupid? I think not, She just needs ratings. She argued with attorneys that the Person that beat up Jared in Prison should not get in any trouble for it. She says that Jared is a Child molester and needs to be punched in the face. I really do not think She thinks that a prisoner should be subject to vigilante justice but She needs the ratings so She says that.
Nancy was once an officer of the court so She knows the law but now She is acting like She doesn’t. Yes, We all want to beat up Jared but to say that an inmate that attacks Him should not be punished is just plain stupid. Should We allow inmates to beat O.J. Simpson to a pulp?

I have to wonder if Nancy owns a competing Sub shop to Subway, She keeps calling Jared, Subway Jared. It appears that Subway is about as good as Uber in background checks since now We have learned that Jared had prior Child porno accusations before He was the Subway spokesman.

Jared is enjoying Honey Buns in prison because He has plenty of money in His commissary account.