NASCAR Brawl, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski

In the closing laps November 2, 2014, at Texas Motor Speedway, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were racing for the win but Keselowski wanted the win too and took a hole shot up the middle and bumped Jeff Gordon, causing His tire to go down. On that same lap Gordon spun out and finished 29th. Johnson won the race, Keselowski ended 3rd. Both Gordon and Keselowski needed a win to have an automatic spot in the final 4 in Miami in two weeks.

The Punch that landed on Brad Keselowski appears to come from one of the crew off the 24 car, it definitely was not Jeff. Both Drivers had some contact to the face but neither connected with each other. These type of fights are cowardly sucker punches. The Gordon Crew member had protection between Him and Brad, so He was sure He wasn’t going to get hit so He threw a free little punch in. Not sure How Jeff Gordon’s lip got swollen but it wasn’t from Brad.
One thing for sure, Jamie Little was in the middle of it and Marty Smith was as far back as Kevin Harvick making sure not to get hit.