NASCAR will not be seen by vast majority of fans in 2015

Do You have Fox sports one? how about NBC Sports network? Me neither and millions of other Americans also do not. At a time when most People are cutting their cable or satellite packages NASCAR will air many of it’s top level races on those networks. Does NASCAR expect that all fans will purchase these new channels just to get all the races? Or will it be more likely that not only will fans miss these races they will just give up on the sport completely? The season starts out fine, Fox will air the Daytona 500 but the duels on the Thursday before the Daytona 500 will be on Fox sports one, no big deal, those are boring useless races anyway. Then the next 7 races are on Fox, so far so good, right? Then the Richmond race on April 25 is moved to Fox sports one, followed by the Talladega race back to Fox, then two races again on Fox sports one, then one on Fox and four more on Fox Sports one.
Then NBC takes over at the Daytona July race but then NBC moves the next 7 races to Their little seen NBC Sports channel. Then We get the Darlington race back to NBC before going back to NBC Sports network for the Richmond race, September 12 as well as the next three races. Charlotte, Kansas, Texas, Phoenix and Miami get the other NBC broadcast. The chase will have half of its races in the never watched NBC Sports Network and half on NBC.

In all, 11 are on Fox, 8 are on Fox Sports one, 7 are on NBC and 13 are on NBC Sports Network. That is a total of 21 races on channels that No One gets and 20 that Everyone gets. Speaking of GET, NASCAR JUST DOESN’T!

See the full Schedule to see that You will miss in 2015