Natalee Holloway is buried under Marriott Hotel in Aruba

aruba hotel where natallie hollaway is burriedThe 2005 murder of Natalee Holloway in Aruba was never solved but new information from a witness might help doing so. Jurrien de Jong claims that He saw Natalee dragged by the ankles and thrown in a crawl space at a construction site that is now a finished hotel, The Aruba Marriott Resort. Joran van der Sloot has always been the main focus of all investigations is in prison for murdering another Girl and will likely spend the rest of His life there. Joran van der Sloot said that Jurrien de Jong is a drug dealer and is only making up these stories to collect money either from Him or the Holloway’s.
The police think the story is false because according to them the construction of that Hotel had not yet started in July 2005, the time Natalee was thought to have been killed. However, CNN researched google earth and found that at the time of Her murder there was construction on that site. It seems to be more stone walling by the Aruba police to cover up their mishandling of this case.

According to Natalee’s father, who has researched what would have to be done to find out if this tip is credible it would not be all that difficult. It would involve drilling holes in the foundation and using cadaver dogs to see if they got an alert. The local authorities do not want to do that because they do not want to give false hope. But what they really want is for this story to go away for good.