Negative Trump ads not working

Crooked Hilary Clinton supporters have launched vicious attack ads against the future POTUS, Donald Trump. She can say She didn’t launch them but She could stop them if She didn’t approve of them. The ads are paid for by the super-pacs but they are clearly Clinton supporters. Trouble for them is the ads are so poorly created that many People just change the channel without even listening to the whole ad. This is something that the stations need to think about, because the other day I flipped off of CNN to go to fox news because of this stupid ad but about 30 minutes later fox was showing the same commercial so I flipped to ABC. Let it be known that I am the average watcher and when I See a stupid or annoying commercial I flip to another channel and sometimes I forget to come back. The more I see of these attacks on Trump, the more I love Him.

The Trump Train is going to reach the White House, but We are making plenty of stops on the way to share the story with all great Americans.