New concussion blood test possible for athletes

new concussion test on the way for football and other sports
Dr Bradd Burkhart will do testing in Orlando of this new proceedure

There is a New concussion blood test that is possible for athletes and is already being used in Europe. Of course in Europe You do not have to jump through hoops and spend years testing to try new medical procedures. This new method of testing for a concussion would be much more immediate and less expensive than that is now being use. What is now being used is visual and vocal test, like How many fingers am I holding up? What day of the week is it? Who is the President?
Dr Bradd Burkhart of Orlando Orthopaedic Center says that blood test can detect proteins that are relased when a concussion has occurred same as it can for any organ that has damage. The testing that Dr Burkhart will be doing is trying to see if the test can produce a false positive. If the test does give off false positives it would not be all that useful in sports but might still be used in a series of test. So far the blood test are working great in Europe and they are able to get a player off the field and resting immediately instead of letting that player stand on the sidelines and waiting for more or less symptoms as time goes by.