New Sarah Kirby rule will ruin future fun for Cruise passengers

Do You even know why You must take off Your shoes going through security check points at the airport? That is all thanks to one Man, just one Man that had a shoe bomb, a shoe bomb that wasn’t even a good enough bomb to cause much damage. Now We all must take off Our shoes Every time We travel.

Remember when You could fly and have some drinks without the Flight Attendant cutting You off after a couple drinks? All because of a few out of a million People could not handle their alcohol, less than 1/2 of one percent of drinkers cause problems.

sarah kirby jumped overboardFull Grown Woman jumps off ship now We all have to suffer for it.New Sarah Kirby rule will ruin future fun for Cruise passengers because of Her drunken behavior. Sarah Kirby is a grown Woman who cannot handle Her alcohol, She should never drink, anywhere, under any circumstances. But because of Her drunken, idiotic behavior, a new rule will be enforced on Cruise Ships. Imagine getting a buzz on Your 1000 dollar cruise only to be told You cannot be served anymore, all because of Sarah.

– A woman who drank too much and then jumped off her cruise ship balcony is suing Carnival Corp. for delaying her rescue and then refusing to adequately treat her. But the fact is, She was one of the luckiest jumpers in cruise history because the boat quickly turned around and picked Her up. Do You have any idea how hard it is to turn around a huge cruise ship?

Sarah Alexandra Badley Kirby was on a five-night Caribbean cruise onboard Carnival Destiny in October 2012 when the incident occurred. Though Kirby alleges in her suit that she fell from her balcony, witnesses told Carnival Cruise Lines she jumped, Cruise Critic reported at the time.

According to Courthouse News Service, lawyers for Kirby wrote that after becoming “extremely intoxicated,” she stepped on to her balcony for air. “As she was holding on to the balcony’s wooden banister, the plaintiff lost her grip and balance, slipped off the ground and fell overboard into the ocean.”

There were no high winds or rough seas on the night that She “Slipped off the ground” and this is not a small petite girl, She is in the 150 – 165 range. Her lawyers are saying what happen to Her was  like what happened to Dorthy in the wizard of Oz, Sarah was lifted off Her feet and into the ocean. Her lawyers claim She was forced long Island Ice Tea to get Her drunk, poor baby!! Forced? Like held down? I do not think any server on a cruise ship would have any motive to force You to get overly intoxicated.