Next Stop On The Slippery Slope: A Child With Three Dads | Ep. 669

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00:00 Opening
00:45 Next Stop On The Slippery Slope: A Child With Three Dads
09:57 Abandoning Your Beliefs To Win At Scrabble
11:49 More Harassment Accusations Against Andrew Cuomo
19:19 School District In Virginia “De-emphasize” Dr. Seuss
24:34 John Brennan Goes Full Critical Race Theory
27:34 Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Recounts Shooting Incident
30:23 Work On World’s First Space Hotel Is Underway
31:08 Reading The Comments
36:42 Twitch Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are supposed to celebrate because, for the first time, a child has three legal fathers listed on her birth certificate. I don’t feel much like celebrating. Also Five Headlines including Governor Cuomo facing political disaster due to his sexual harassment scandal. But how is this the scandal that takes him down, and not the nursing home scandal that resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly people? And the cancel mob is coming for Dr. Seuss. In our Daily Cancellation, we’ll talk about the Left’s latest linguistic innovation: women with an ‘x’ instead of an ‘e.’ 

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