NFL looking for new rules, NBA and NCAA should follow

There is really no helping baseball, it is a lost cause, People that love it will watch it go by ever so slowly. It is really hard to make changes to the core of baseball But football and basketball can be changed. Football can change to add excitment and basketball can change to speed it up.

The NFL is talking about changing the extra point to possibly give a team the option of kicking for one point from the 15 yard line or going for 2 points from the 1.5 yard line and giving the defense the opportunity to score on that extra point attempt. Right now a 2 point conversion is dead if the defense picks up a fumble or gets an interception. The extra point in the NFL has become the most boring play in sports.

The NBA and NCAA Basketball need to do away with time outs during the last 2 minutes of the game. At the 2 minute mark the teams would both get a time out, make your substitutions at that point for the remainder of the game. Fouls would still stop the clock and Any player that fouls out could be replaced but no time outs could be called. As it is now the last 2 minutes of college or pro basketball can last 30 minutes or more. Just two nights ago 40 seconds took 10 minutes to complete.