No more extra point in the NFL

The NFL is considering doing way with the extra point as it is used today. Instead there will be a choice to go for two, the same way You go for two now by running or passing for a score. But the twist will be if You make it You get the score and if You miss it You take away from Your score. The touchdown would be worth 7 points, You can keep that and do nothing but kick off. But if  You decide to try for the extra point, You do so by run or pass and if You make it You get one point added but if You miss it You get one point taken away. You end up with 6 or 8 if You choose to attempt the extra point. Most likely, You would do nothing until You needed 8 points to tie or win a game, just like You would now.  The NFL and TV want the time spent on showing the extra point to be used showing the touchdown a few times. The other reason is fans do not even watch it.  The extra point has become to automatic, only 3 were missed all season in 2013 and even if one is missed it is usually like in the video below, something bizarre.

So what will this do to kickers? Make them less important? No, not at all, in fact it might make their job more interesting. The fact that they get on the field often to kick keeps them loose and “in the game” but if They get less time on the field their field goals will not be as easy and they might be a little tight. Couldn’t they just move the extra point back to say the 30?