Now All Men can go in Women’s bathrooms and even Locker Rooms, this is going to be fun!

North Carolina put a bill into law that does not allow Men to go in Women’s Locker Rooms, Bathrooms and Showers. Why would that have to be put into law? Isn’t that already law? But the Federal Liberal Government said they cannot do that and will withhold funding unless they retract the law. North Carolina says if You were born a male You should use the Men’s bathroom and locker room even if You feel like a Woman. Now, if the Federal Liberals force North Carolina to retract the law that is good news for Everyone except females. Why? Because straight Men that want to go into the Woman’s locker room can do so and just sing the Shania Twain song “Man, I feel like a Woman!”. Imagine the Woman’s beach volleyball championships are going on and as a Man You see how hot these Women are and think to Yourself, Man I feel like a Woman, so go in their locker room, take off Your clothes and wait for them to come in one by one. Just say, Hey Girls, cmon get in the shower, chop chop. Remember You must say You feel like a Woman or this MIGHT be illegal. As a straight Man, I will not exercise my right to the Women’s bathroom, that’s just gross but count Me in on this locker room deal. Father’s and Husbands will now have to keep their wives and daughters out of public bathrooms and locker rooms if they do not want them subject to Hetro, Homo or trans Men.

A better idea is for these confused People to use the Men’s bathroom and locker rooms, We will not even notice You. I will pee on Bruce Jenner’s shoes at the urinal just like I will John Doe, only difference is He is wearing high heels and John doe is wearing steel toe boots. I do not think there will be any fear that one of these People attacks a Man but We know they are much stronger than a Girl or a Woman and would be a potential threat. Even one rape or assault will be blood on the hands of these liberal Obama Pansies.