O.J. Simpson made in America, a race baiting film

I recorded the mini series O.J. Simpson, made in America because I thought it would be as good as the recent TV series. Boy was I wrong! The only thing this film was made for was to remind black People to hate white People which is a very irresponsible thing to do in 2016. Hate films are the last thing that America needs right now. There are a lot of People that will believe ANYTHING they see on an ESPN 30/30 film even though this series is far from the truth. The first part shows blacks being beaten by white police only, even though white police were beating white hippies at the same number. People still love reading about O.J. Simpson and this film is a bait and switch film trying to push the Democrat’s propaganda in an election year. It has more to do with hate than O.J. Simpson, at least the first part does and I could not go further than that.
We are celebrating a black Man that Everyone knows murdered two white People and got away with it. The best thing about this film is after watching part one, I can erase that one and all remaining parts.