One of the oldest online scams is still going strong and might be the all time most damaging

The scam goes like this:
A company from overseas tells You that they are looking for a trustworthy partner in the USA to deposit checks for them. They say the checks will be in your name and all they need you to do is deposit them. After You deposit them and confirm that they are really legit checks they ask that you send them back a third of the money by money wire. Sometimes they will allow you to send money orders or other forms of payment. They convince you that the money they are sending to you is so they can hide profits from their government. And Who doesn’t want to make money off of hiding money from the Government of any Country, right? Anyway, the checks are deposited and You have your deposit slip. The checks were American Express Traveler’s checks or official bank checks so You are sure that You have this money and You are more than happy to send back small amount to them. But after about 10 days Your checks are bouncing and when You call the bank they say that the checks that you deposited did not clear and were fake. But it is too late to stop what You have already done. Your money is gone and no way to cancel it.

If this happened to You, do not feel stupid. Many bank officials could not tell the American Express traveler’s checks were fake nor did they spot any problem with the “official” check (We call cashier’s checks). These People do this for a living, they are very good at making checks look absolutely perfect.